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Black Note – Solo (30ml) Naturally Extracted Tobacco Flavours

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Black Note – Solo (30ml)

Solo by Black Note 30ml is a Turkish tobacco and menthol vape juice flavor blend. Turkish tobacco is a more aromatic small leaf tobacco that has been sun cured. Turkish tobacco has a milder flavor and a lower nicotine level with each leaf. Sun curing refers to tobacco that dries uncovered out in the sun. Other curing options include flue, air, and fire. Sun cured tobacco is used on oriental tobaccos. Followed by this authentic tobacco taste is a strong icy menthol to provide a cooling ending to this e-juice.

Solo by Black Note 30ml provides a fresh and smooth vaping experience that is sure to please. This blend of Turkish tobacco with a menthol base provides a truly savory flavor with each puff. On the inhale is that crisp tobacco flavor. This tobacco vape juice flavor is is truly authentic and will provide that genuine taste you’ve been seeking. An icy blast will cool down as that menthol base washes down that intense tobacco.

Quitting cigarettes is not an easy task, and going cold turkey can make this progress stressful. No matter your reason for turning to this alternative, Black Note 30ml makes it an easier transition. Some turn to vape products to receive no tobacco, and others use it as an option to ease away from nicotine.

Solo by Black Note 30ml provides that same tobacco flavor you love with that authentic taste. Your taste buds are sure to be pleased. Indulge in Solo today!

VG/PG: 50/50



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