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Black Note – Sonata (30ml) Naturally Extracted Tobacco Flavours

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Black Note – Sonata (30ml)

Sonata by Black Note E Liquid 30ml takes Virginia tobacco and send it to a Cavendish process. This process provides a richer and more intense flavor experience. Cavendish tobacco refers to any tobacco that has been exposed to heat by either fire or steam. After this exposure the tobacco is subjected to heavy pressure which causes it to produce a sweeter taste and a moist texture. Cavendish is used to bring out the sweeter qualities of tobacco. Virginia tobacco and Burley are the most common leafs of tobacco to use with the Cavendish process.

Virginia tobacco is one of the most popular and widely used strands of tobacco. In America Virginia tobacco makes up about 60% of the total crops. Virginia tobacco is known to be a more mild tobacco stand and this is because of the higher natural sugar content in the leafs. This high sugar level provides a light and sweeter overall taste. Virginia tobacco sugar levels range from 5%-25%. The most popular tobacco leafs to use with the Cavendish process are Virginia, Kentucky, and Burley. This leaf is also known to have an aroma that includes prunes, fig, and sometimes even a hint of chocolate.

Virginia tobacco is flue cured meaning after the tobacco is picked they are then hung up in a barn where they are heated by external fire boxes. This process usually takes about a week. What makes Sonata by Black Note 30ml different than an original Virginia blend is the Cavendish process. Cavendish tobacco provides an even more sweeter taste giving this e-juice a more intense flavor. This sweet tobacco is sure to please from the first hit to the last.

With each puff your mouth will be flooded with that original tobacco taste that is sure to please. This tobacco taste is intensified with its natural sweet flavor. Sonata by Black Note 30ml is an authentic recreation of that savory Cavendish tobacco. Indulge in Sonata today!



VG/PG: 50/50



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